"Frankenstein" - Edgar Winter

If you're not familiar with it Frankenstein, is a rock classic by Edgar Winter.  We recorded this a few years back.  The song features John Monte, on guitar.  John is a founding member of the band.  He retired from the band in April of 2014. 

"Far Behind" - Candlebox

This song features the original members of Cross Eyed Larry, John Monte on Lead Guitar,John Wiegel  on Bass Guitar and DK on Lead Vocal.  All three members are still close with the band.  Once a Larry, always a Larry!    It was filmed by Key Video.  Thank you again to Mike and Ben Fantaske for a great job!

This song has been covered by many of the greatest musicians out there.  This version is a mixture of The Who, Pearl Jam and Cross Eyed Larry.  The song features John Monte, on Lead Guitar and Ray Hillary, on Lead Vocals.  It was recorded Live in Spring Hill, Florida. 

"The Real Me" - The Who

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